Virtual Events Roundup - Nov. 27, 2020

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Through innovation and dedication, the staff at Curbside fused the particles of arts news together to form a brand new virtual events roundup, just for you. This weekend, we have a wide assortment of virtual marketplaces to check out, old movies and goth music to listen to, plus a little yoga (to doom metal, of course) to stretch those muscles we have all for sure been working out.

Be sure to share this event roundup with all the art-lovers in your life, and if you have a virtual arts event coming up that we should know about, shoot us the details at Be sure to check back every week for more local events in Oregon.

Happy Holidays From Curbside Press!


Virtual Black Friday Portland Indigenous Marketplace

Friday, Nov. 27 - 10 am to 4 pm

Remote - Portland, OR

If you are going to buy something on Black Friday, wouldn’t you feel better buying from local Indigenous artists and artisans? This is a perfect way to keep your money in Oregon and make sure it isn’t lining the Waltons or Bezo’s pocket. Support Indigenous artists. See the schedule here.

For The Culture Holiday Market

Friday through Saturday - 10 am to 6 pm

Remote - Oakland, CA

The Runway Project, a women of color-led financial innovation firm, and Just BE, a Black women’s business community, are hosting a virtual market celebrating Black women artists and creators. The two-day event will host over 50 vendors, tours, music, and interactive workshops. Support Black artists.

Old Movies and Goth Industrial Music

Friday, Nov. 27 - 4 pm to 6 pm

Twitch - DJCdeath

Okay, this is such a good idea. DJ C_death is hosting a retro movie night where the movie is muted and she plays goth industrial music instead. The movie for the evening has yet to be announced, but she lists several she has played, including “Nosferatu” and “Reefer Madness”. Honestly, this should be really cool.

Crafty Wonderland Month of Makers

Nov. 28 to Dec. 12 - 11 am

Remote - Portland, OR

This market has been going on since November 14 and continues through the 12th of December. With two virtual markets and lots of community activities, this event has a little bit of everything. Plus, you get to meet the creators who made the amazing goods. There will be interviews, how-to’s, gift guides and more.

A Mushroom Cultivation Series: The Harvest

Nov. 28 through Nov. 30 - 11 pm PST

Remote - Portland, OR

We have featured several mushroom-related events, so how could we forget harvesting them? Evolved Mushrooms, a Portland-based mycology group, is exploring the art of cultivating mushrooms and the modern methods involved “with a historical perspective, connecting our current practices to ancient roots.” What could be spore fun?

Deep Dark Yoga

Sunday, Nov. 29 - 2:30 pm

Remote Livestream via Zoom

We have another iteration of the amazing yoga stream Deep Dark Yoga. If you like doom metal and need to stretch, this is the perfect event. This livestream yoga class instructs all levels of participants in basic yoga, all while doomy metal plays in the background. Don’t worry, it’s not like it’s all blast beats and growling, but the music offers something new for those who like a little bit of background doom and gloom in their Sunday. This recurring yoga course is free, though donations to the studio are encouraged and waiting lines tend to form to get into the Zoom chat.

If you have an upcoming event you’d like to see featured in an event roundup, let us know by contacting us directly. At this time, we are only highlighting remote events that don’t require in-person attendance. If you have something that fits the bill, let us know! It’s that easy to get featured on Curbside Press.

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