Virtual Events Roundup - March, 26, 2021

Updated: Apr 2, 2021


Typically, this would be where we’d write some cute little turn of phrase and beckon you into our events roundup as a wonderful escape from the otherwise stressful world we live in. But, often, art is about confronting emotions and not running from them. In a week where The U.S. saw two tragic and senseless shootings by gunmen -- the first such acts of violence after a year-long, Covid-induced drought -- it’s important to not gloss over this violence for the sake of getting to our little article about local arts.

Curbside Press doesn’t make a habit of wading into political issues. We cover them as they pertain to art and culture, sure, but we understand that there’s plenty of outlets out there talking your ear off about what to think and we pride ourselves on being an oasis from all that. That said, we encourage everyone to take a moment of silence before continuing -- to honor the memories and wish speedy recoveries to the victims of the crimes in Atlanta and Boulder. But we also encourage this moment to consider, no matter which way your political affiliations lean, that something much greater needs to be done to contain gun violence in this country.

With this solemn ponderance complete, it’s with genuine excitement that we welcome you to this week’s Virtual Events Roundup. There’s quite a variety of remote art to enjoy all over Oregon this weekend, from a livestream dance recital to a stream of the Oregon Symphony’s Storytime series. No matter where you are in the beautiful Beaver State, you can participate in these great events.

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Have a safe and secure weekend, Curbsiders.


Symphony Storytime - Free

All Weekend

Oregon Symphony - Portland, OR (Remote)

While this is by no means a live event, it’s fantastic and frankly long overdue for a shout-out in this space. The Oregon Symphony -- the oldest continuously running orchestra on the West Coast, in case you didn’t know -- creates these brilliant and adorable recordings of children’s stories. They, obviously, play music over the top of these cute tales, making the whole thing quite the storytime for your little rascals. Of course, even adults can enjoy these recurring showcases. The entire first season of their Symphony Storytime is already up on the website, and Season 2 debuted last week with a reading of Jazz Baby by Lisa Miller, accompanied by Doug Reneau on trumpet. More will come every month.


A Single Pink Cloud - Suggested Donation $5-$30

All Weekend - 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Performance Works NorthWest - Portland, OR (Remote)

Inspired by the literary works of Jen George and Renee Gladman, and by visual artists like Leonora Carrington, this dance recital is surrealistic and cerebral. Simply put, it’s a whacky, wonderful time that’s both light and playful while also being dark and thinky. While the stream can be accessed for free if you are really needing a dose of art but can’t afford to pay, donations are suggested. Any amount from $5 to $30 will get you access to the livestream all three days this weekend, as well as the post-show chat with the artists, Linda Austin and Allie Hankins, following Sunday’s performance.


Art Hive - Free

Saturday, March 27 - 10 am to Noon

People’s Art - Portland, OR (Remote)

This recurring event is organized by People’s Art, an art therapy organization that treats adolescents and adults with anxiety or trauma. This virtual studio invites you to play along with your materials at home and it’s open to anyone and all ages this weekend. The event encourages you to “bring a desire to connect and play.”


Free Poetry Reading

Sunday, March 28 - 4:30 to 6 pm

River Road Reading Series - Eugene, OR (Remote)

Featuring remote readings by poets as far-flung as Pendleton, Oregon; Churchton, Maryland and even Pondicherry, India, this is sure to be a delightful dollop of poetry to cap your weekend. The River Road Reading Series out of Eugene brings you monthly showcases right in your living room via Zoom. As the title suggests, it’s 100 percent free.


Y + B Book Club

Sunday, March 28 - 4 to 5:30 pm

Yoga + Beer - Salem, OR (Remote)

While Yoga + Beer in Salem also brings you weekly, “all levels flow” yoga classes, we’ve been highlighting the monthly book clubs lately, too. This month’s reading is Homeland Elegies by Ayad Akhtar. While the event is free, pre-registration is required.


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