Virtual Events Roundup - Jan. 15, 2021

Updated: Mar 5

Our weekend events roundup is back! While the coronavirus pandemic is still keeping neighborhood venues closed -- and everyone’s going through their post-holiday hibernation -- there are still opportunities to catch some live art this weekend. We’ve got our first-ever highlight out of Idaho with a livestream acoustic set, as well as a vocal workshop that teaches you traditional Balkan singing techniques. There’s also a couple of virtual dance parties for those who wanna cut footloose this weekend.

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In My House: Dance Culture Livestream

Friday, Jan. 15 - 8 pm - 11 pm

Online Event - Holocene - Portland, OR

This virtual dance party brought to you by The Holocene will feature an educational dance workshop so you can boogie down along with the performers once the real show begins. With dance performances by local artist Floyd Vader (and friends), to music provided by DJ Ben Tactic, this show will bring the dance party right into your living rooms via Twitch. While the event is free, a suggested donation of $15 helps support the artists and venue for providing us with entertainment. Show your support and show off those moves!

80’s New Wave Dance Attack

Friday, Jan. 15 - 8 pm to 11 pm

Online via Twitch (Portland, OR)

“People Are People” and people need to DANCE! For those who are looking to go a little bit further back in time for their dancey tunes, this “dance attack” livestream will feature the likes of The Cure, The Banshees and Depeche Mode. If you’re looking to cut footloose this weekend, tune in for an hour or two.

Craft & Chat

Friday, Jan. 15 - 7 pm

Online Event via Facebook Live (Portland, OR)

The topic for this week’s craft workshop is “resin,” or all the crafty things one can make with epoxy. While this is a livestream crafts workshop, it’s a super laid back experience where you get to learn and talk about new art media that you may not have experience with. This ability to try things out along with someone helps ease the learning curve and create a truly communal experience.

The Artistry of Balkan Singing

Saturday, Jan. 16 - Noon to 2 pm

Livestream Workshop (Oakland, CA)

Often, it’s only through exposure to cultural art that we truly appreciate the beautiful intricacies of music from other parts of the world. That’s the goal of this vocal workshop, presented by members of the Kitka Women’s Ensemble out of California. Appreciate the impressive vibratos and unique swells of traditional Croatioan and Bulgarian music with this free livestream.

Joey Anderson

Saturday, Jan. 16 - 8 pm to 11 pm

Livestream Concert (Huetter, ID)

One great thing about livestreamed music is that you can discover local musicians who you can’t easily see in your own neighborhood venues. That’s what’s great about this showcase out of Huetter, Idaho, featuring acoustic music from Joey Anderson. He’s a solo songwriter based in Spokane, Washington, whose lyrics feature scenic imagery. If you’re looking to enjoy some local music that you might not normally get exposed to, check this event on Saturday.

Church of the Freak Mountain Revenant

Sunday, Jan. 16 - 6 pm to 8 pm

Livestream Concert (Portland, OR)

This once-a-month show featuring a folk music quartet of Portlanders will round out a weekend of local tunes in Oregon. The group’s shows are often described as “rowdy and rootsy,” so for those looking to stomp to some bluegrass, tune into this stream from LaurelThirst Public House. Tips for the musicians are encouraged.

Do you or someone you know have an upcoming virtual event? Let us know in the comments or by hitting us up on our social media pages. We look forward to highlighting the great things happening in communities all over Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

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