Virtual Events Roundup - Feb. 26, 2021

Updated: Mar 5, 2021


Curbside Press trekked the snowy mountaintops of the Cascades in order to haul this emergency kit of local arts events to you in your hour of need. Assuming you have electricity to read this, that is… This weekend, Portland indie pop darlings Portugal. The Man are digging out the archives to bring you a free recording of a 2008 studio session. There’s also a rescheduled flamenco festival in Portland and an all-virtual Newport Seafood & Wine Festival. Discover these great events happening in your backyard, and be sure to share this roundup with the art-lovers in your life.

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Stay warm and safe this weekend, Curbsiders.


Portugal. The Man. - Oregon City Sessions (Free)

Friday, Feb. 26 - 6 pm

(Oregon City, OR)

Yep, you read that right: Oregon’s premier indie pop band, Portugal. The Man, is offering an entirely free performance. The Oregon City Sessions refers to a 2008 recording of the group’s studio jam session, back before “Feel It Still” made the band a household name and won them a Grammy in 2018 (a huge upset over frontrunner “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi). The recording was made after the group came off a grueling 300-gig year of live shows and they just wanted to jam in their small Oregon City studio. The result fits right into the COVID era, so you can stream from the comfort of your own PJ’s.


Vetiver, Meg Baird, Suzanne Vallie - $10

Friday, Feb. 26 - 6 pm

Crystal Ballroom (Portland, OR)

It’s a weekend of San Francisco folk, streamed at the Crystal Ballroom from Big Sur, California. This Folk Yeah! series of concerts has been providing us with some pluck all throughout the pandemic, so get a dose of americana with this laid-back livestream.


Virtual Vibes - Free

Saturday, Feb. 27 - 10 pm

High Desert Music Collective (Bend, OR)

The other side of the Bay Area is featured in this hip-hop and dance show featuring Oakland-born rapper J Meast. This livestream is brought to you by the High Desert Music Collective out of Bend, which will bring you frequent musical livestreams to check out this year.


Espacio Flamenco - $20

Saturday, Feb. 27 - 7 pm

Espacio Flamenco (Portland, OR)

The winter storm postponed this great showcase of flamenco music earlier this month, so we just had to bring it back to our roundup once it was rescheduled. This entirely virtual festival is hosted by the Alberta Rose Theatre and will feature a smaller cast than in previous years to account for social distancing. That doesn’t mean this show is any less awesome, though. Get lost in the rhythms (not to mention those gorgeous dresses...) of traditional and new-wave flamenco performance with this evening livestream.


Newport Seafood & Wine Festival

All Weekend

(Newport, OR)

Organizers of the annual Newport Seafood & Wine Festival reimagined the occasion with pre-ordered gift baskets delivered directly to your door. Now, not everyone gets to experience the tasty goods along with the interactive proceedings, but the livestream is available for all to enjoy. While nothing can compare to the sea breeze in person, you can get a little slice of the Oregon Coast in your weekend, regardless. Support local businesses hit hard by the pandemic by purchasing a gift basket if you can, and tune in live for courses and tastings related to the all-local products.


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