Virtual Events Roundup - Feb. 19, 2021

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

We ground the medicinal herbs of daily events up in our mortar and pestle of newsgathering to bring you the topical salve of information that is our virtual weekend roundup. Black History Month is about halfway over, but the celebration is still underway! Join the University of Oregon for a panel discussion with the lead writer of "The 1619 Project,” get help with your memoir with Salem Reads, and celebrate Mardi Gras with the Portland Columbia Symphony.

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Stay safe and socially distanced while enjoying a weekend full of virtual events.


1619 and The Legacy That Built A Nation - Free

Friday, Feb. 19 - 4:30 pm

University of Oregon - Eugene, OR (Remote)

Join the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Nikole Hannah-Jones, lead writer of New York Times Magazine’s “The 1619 Project,” for a panel discussion with faculty and students. The project focuses on the lasting impact and legacy of Black enslavement in the United States. Additionally, It observes the 400th anniversary of the first African slaves that arrived in the states. This panel aims to discuss the need to "remain vigilant in the fight against racial inequality at a time when the United States is deeply divided.” This is part of UO’s annual Ruhl Lecture series.


Through the Eyes of Art: Food Justice & Seattle Food Movement - Free

Friday, Feb. 19 - 6 pm

Museum of Pop Culture - Seattle, WA (Remote)

The 8th annual “Through the Eyes of Art” Black History Month celebration is underway. Put together by the Museum of Pop Culture, the multiple series of events seeks to “bring together artists, community leaders, politicians, and tastemakers from across the State of Washington to celebrate the Black experience.” The theme this year is “The Cookout” and will be exploring soul food cuisine, Seattle’s Black-owned food establishments and more. The event will also include deep dives into issues such as food justice, access, and health and wellness. More information and a list of the panelists can be found here.


Salem Reads Memoir Writing Workshop - Free

Saturday, Feb. 20 - 9 am

Salem Public Library - Salem, OR (Remote)

Have you always dreamed of writing a memoir detailing your many adventures and tribulations but didn’t know where to start? Join Salem Reads and Melissa Hart as she teaches you where to start, how to choose a theme and more. Learn to deepen your characterization, dialogue and narrative arc -- all of the foundational skills to get you started writing the next bestseller. There is limited space so sign up today.


2021 Gala: Celebrating the Spirit of Mardi Gras - Free

Saturday, Feb. 20 - 6 pm to 7 pm

Portland Columbia Symphony - Portland, OR (Remote)

Get into the Mardi Gras spirit with this hour-long gala. The event will include music by the Portland Columbia Symphony, an auction and more. Mardi Gras (French for “Fat Tuesday”, and also known as Shrove Tuesday) for those who don’t know, is a celebration that happens before Ash Wednesday, which is the beginning of Lent for those who practice Catholicism. As time has gone on, the celebration has become detached from its religious origins and is recognized by those of all backgrounds and spiritual beliefs. Largely, it is used as an excuse to party and trade plastic beads. No, the beads aren't about flashing. Traditionally, the colors of the beads would represent different things: purple is justice, green is faith, and gold is power. See, a whole bunch of stuff is art and you just don't know it.


Rhythm Nation Medicare For All Rave - Free

Saturday, Feb. 20 - 8 pm to 12 am

Holocene - Portland, OR (Remote)

This event is a rave and panel discussion that is filled with incredible people -- artists, activists, community members and more. The night will begin with the panel which will feature Valdez Bravo, the Vice President of Healthcare for All Oregon; Travis Nelson, a registered nurse and DNC member; family medical doctor Tony Germann; and Elise Dixon, a member of DSA’s Medicare for All campaign. After the panel is complete, music will be played by MAARQUII, DJ J Philip, and Theory Hazit. This event brings together so many people and groups working hard to make Portland and Oregon a better place for all.


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