Virtual Events Roundup - Feb. 12, 2021

Our Valentine's gift to you, wonderful readers, is this roundup of virtual events that we cultivated with all of the love in our hearts. This weekend, enjoy a production of Jane Martin’s “Talking With,” a reading of J.M. Barrie’s “Dear Brutus,” a new wave dance night and more! Be sure to check back this Sunday for a special release of new winter music.

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Stay safe and socially distanced while enjoying a weekend full of virtual events.


Dead Air Fresheners - Free

Friday, Feb. 12 - 5:15 pm


We have another happy-hour with the Dead Air Fresheners. The Dead Air Fresheners, a house band from an “anarchist jurisdiction”, is a family band that is out of this world. They have been described as "the Partridge Family for experimental music". Their stream is not just music though, it is also a visual experience. Check out this extremely fun and different stream.


S&F Dear Brutus - $5

Friday, Feb 12 to Feb. 15 - Fri. start time 7 pm

Struts & Frets Theatre Company - Rickreall, OR (Remote)

Enjoy a reading of Scottish playwright James Matthew (J.M.) Barrie’s 1917 play, Dear Brutus, presented by Struts & Frets Theatre Company. S&F Theatre Company is a Rickreall-based theatre troupe that seeks to bring classical and modern plays to rural communities. Their website describes Barrie’s play as a “turn-of-the-century fable of love, loss, self-discovery, and redemption; a perfect addition to your Valentine’s day weekend. This production is family-friendly and tickets are on sale now for only $5. Support local theatre during these trying times.


Portland New Wave Night - Free

Friday, Feb. 12 - 7 pm

Decadent ‘80s - Portland, OR (Remote)

Join DJ Non and Decadent ‘80s for a Twitch stream that will bring you back to the best days of new wave. New wave was largely a catch-all term for the post-punk “new wave” of music that had a discernible pop undertone that separated itself from early techno or 70s disco. Get lost in the now-retro beats, dramatic drum fills, and absolute wall-to-wall electronic keyboard frills. Don’t forget to toss a coin to your DJ.


Readers Theatre Repertory - “Talking With” By Jane Martin - Free

Friday, Feb. 12 - 8 pm

Readers Theatre Repertory - Portland. OR (Remote)

Readers Theatre Repertory (RTR) returns with a performance of the 1982 play by Jane Martin, “Talking With”. Her emotionally-charged comedy features eleven monologues, each a woman telling her life story. Produced by Wendy Wilcox, RTR will have actresses Christy Drogosch, Leslie Renée, and Megan Skye Hale play the various characters. This play is one you don’t want to miss. The production is free to watch, learn more here.


Espacio Flamenco Presents- Fall in Love with Flamenco - $20

Saturday, Feb. 13 - 7 pm

The Alberta Rose Theatre - Portland, OR (Remote)

The 6th annual “Fall in Love with Flamenco” at the Alberta Theatre is this weekend! It looks a bit different this year, though, with a smaller and physically distanced cast. Flamenco, for those unaware, is a type of traditional dance that mostly originates from southern Spain. You have probably seen flamenco dancing or a flamenco guitar. Fall in love with flamenco as you get to enjoy the performance from the comfort of your home. Learn more here.


Valentine’s Day Brunch Trivia - Free

Sunday, Feb. 14 - 10:30 am

Stumptown Trivia

Did you forget to set plans for Valentine’s Day? Well, Stumptown Trivia has you covered -- in the morning, at least -- with their “Valentine’s Day Brunch Trivia”. The trivia will cover romantic comedies, various love songs and much more. Enjoy a nice morning trivia session with your romantic partner, or pass the deadening loneliness by reminding yourself what love is with this sweet event.


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