Solo Album Release: 'Axiom' by Steve Drizos

Celebrating the release of his debut solo album, Portland musician Steve Drizos just dropped Axiom, an eight-track package of personal rock ballads.

Drizos is a veteran of the Portland music scene, playing as the drummer for Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons since 2006. He does a whole lot more than play drums for his solo project, however, acting as vocalist, guitarist, drummer and other multi-instrumental parts throughout these self-written tracks. He worked on the songs for this album over the past several years and is releasing it this weekend through Cavity Search Records.

You can listen to it on Spotify, Soundcloud and other major streaming sites, and you can purchase a copy of Axiom at his website.

For a deep dive into Drizos and his new album check out our new premium article (subscription required).



  1. Axiom

  2. Juggling Fire

  3. Static

  4. You Don’t See That Now

  5. Softer Please

  6. Cover Your Eyes

  7. Take You Home

  8. Liminal Space

Contributing Artists:

  • Jenny Conlee: Keyboard

  • Kyleen King: Vocals

  • Troy Stuart: Guitar

  • Nate Query: Bass

  • Steve James: Bass

  • Rebecca Sandborne: Backing vocals

  • Dave Jones: Backing vocals

  • Alia Farrah: Backing vocals

  • Paul Brainerd: Lap steel guitar

  • Bryan Daste: Pedal steel guitar

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