Social Distancing Roundup - Sept. 25, 2020

Curbside Press squeezed the lemons of news to bring you fresh, sweet weekend roundup lemonade. The smoke has begun to clear from many communities as the rain has started, so the air is finally safe enough (besides the pandemic that is still raging) to attend outdoor events again.

This weekend roundup is filled to the brim with incredible events, including the best drive-in double feature probably ever. We’ve got goat yoga (you read that right), tea leaf reading lessons, a juggling festival, local music and more!

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Deaf Awareness Week 2020

Friday, Sept. 25 - 3 pm to 4:30 pm

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Service Center - Fresno, CA (Remote)

This livestream series is definitely worth checking out. The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Service Center has been hosting a week of livestreams that celebrate Deaf Awareness Week. Friday is the last day of the series and will feature a variety of games, stories, and much more. Learn more here.

Zoo Rendezvous

Friday, Sept. 25 - 5 pm to 6 pm

Oregon Zoo - 4001 SW Canyon Rd. - Portland, OR (Remote)

Celebrate with the Oregon Zoo as they continue their “Heart of the Oregon Zoo” fundraising campaign. This livestream will be a fast-paced tour featuring animals, a raffle, an auction, and a look at the near-completed “Polar Passage”; a habitat that showcases the Zoo’s conservation science efforts.

Introduction to Tea Leaf Reading

Friday, Sept. 25 - 6 pm to 8 pm

Sea Grape Bath + Body - 319 NE Wygant St. - Portland, OR (Remote)

Tea leaf reading: a time-honored art, science… neither? You decide. This livestreamed divination event will be a 2 hour lesson in which you will learn about Tasseomancy (tea leaf reading), what it all means, and how to interpret the leaves. Learn more here.

28th Annual Portland Juggling Festival - Free

Sept. 25 - Sept. 27 - Times Vary


Imagine coming out of 2020 with the ability to juggle. That would be pretty sweet, right? Well now is your chance. The 28th annual Portland Juggling Festival starts Friday. The event includes multiple workshops over the three days and features an incredible lineup of international talents. The workshops include club manipulation, easy and goofy tricks, hoop isolation and a lot more. Donations will be accepted. Learn how to stream it here.


Rocky Horror Picture Show/ Monty Python and the Holy Grail - $9 Per Adult

Friday, Sept. 25 - 8 pm

99W Drive-In - 3110 Portland Road - Newberg, OR

Okay, wow. This is such an incredible double feature picture show and we are sort of freaking out about it. Rocky Horror AND Monty Python? Maybe “in the velvet darkness of blackest night,” there really is a guiding star. This is one of those events that you will want to grab your coconuts and trot early to. There are around 200 spaces and it is first come first served. Learn more here.

Goat Yoga

Saturday, Sept. 26 - 10 am to 11:30 am

Salem Goat Yoga - 290 55th Ave. NW - Salem, OR

Tickets Available

Yoga is an artform, and practical. Add in tiny, adorable goats and you have a combination of goodness that is much-needed during these dark days. The class is suitable for beginners, though space is limited due to the pandemic. Get your tickets and spend some quality time with your body -- and some tiny goats.

Kingsley at Clyde’s

Saturday, Sept. 26 - 7 pm

Clyde’s Prime Rib Restaurant & Bar - 5474 NE Sandy Blvd. - Portland, OR

This weekend, head over to Clyde’s to listen to Portland-based R&B/pop artist Kingsley. We have featured her music on past roundups but for those who are unfamiliar with her work, she is a powerhouse. Her 2019 single “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” by itself is enough to check this show out. Listen to the song here.

The Ferenjis at Brew Coffee & Taphouse

Saturday, Sept. 26 - 7 pm to 9 pm

Brew Coffee & Tap House - 1320 Edgewater St. NW B10 - Salem, OR

The Ferenjis are headed to the Brew Coffee & Taphouse to dish out some smooth, neo-soul. Their music is practically made for the coffee house environment and they are sure to get you moving.

The Outdoor Drag Extravaganza 2: Legendary

Saturday, Sept. 26 - 5 pm to 7 pm

13910 SE Laurie Ave. - Portland, OR

The Outdoor Drag Extravaganza is happening this weekend and it will be a night of celebrity impersonation. The night will be filled with lots of local talent and is sure to be a blast. There is no cover fee. Bring your own chair, and bring a mask!

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