Social Distancing Roundup - Oct. 16, 2020

As fall continues, Oregon’s Covid struggles are beginning to pick up, with Oregon having the most cases in a week as of the 11th.

Around 611 Oregonians have died as of writing this, according to the Covid Tracking Project (some sources show between 613 and 618 deaths to date, such as the New York Time’s interactive Covid map).

With that in mind, this weekend roundup will be highlighting livestream events exclusively, including some events from outside of Oregon to spice things up. Those events include a Canadian fungus festival, Shambhala at home, a cover band named Poopship, and a vocal workshop exploring the traditional Serbian singing style, “iz vika,” or clamor singing.

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Virtual Market of The Beast: Witch Hunt

Oct. 16-18 - 9 am to 11:59 pm

Market of the Beast - Multiple Locations

The Market of The Beast is a witchy and wild traveling dark-arts market that moves around the Pacific Northwest. They sell “weird, occult, and obscure” items, which is just cool. They have had to move to an online format, but they still have much to offer, including over 50 artists! Check out more here.

Pacific International Quilt Festival

Friday & Saturday, Oct. 16-17 - Times Vary

Quiltfest (Remote)

The 29th annual Quiltfest is underway and if you like quilts you should hope online to check this out. They will be showing off competition quilts, which seems like an unfortunately under-represented competition style. There will also be virtual vendors if you would like to get yourself something nice.

Poopship Livestream

Friday, Oct. 16 - 7 pm to 9 pm

PDX Couch Tour (Remote)

The PDX Couch Tour and the Star Theater is bringing you Poopship this weekend. Poopship (yes, we are trying to say Poopship as many times as we can) is a Ween cover band. Ween is an alternative rock band that was started in 1984 and has quite the following. There are other bands playing, including Flam, a ska-punk band. Learn more here.

Fungus Among Us Mushroom Festival - Talks by Gurus

Friday, Oct. 16 - 7 pm to 9 pm

Whistler Naturalists Society - Whistler - British Columbia, Canada

Join the Whistler Naturalists Society and their mushroom gurus to talk about all things mushrooms. If you have never taken the time to delve into the mycological world, it is truly wondrous. The event will feature talks such as the “Marvellous Microscopic World of Spores” By Bryce Kendrick, or “A Natural and Cultural History of Magic Mushrooms in BC” by Andy MacKinnon and Paul Kroeger (the guy in the picture above). Like, look at that guy. Of course he knows the history of magic mushrooms.

Decadent ‘80s Haunted House of Funk and Disco

Friday, Oct. 16 - 7 pm to 10 pm

The Lombard Pub - 3416 N Lombard - Portland, OR

Join The Lombard Pub for one of the longest-running 80s nights in Portland. Decadent ‘80s is doing a night of funk and disco, spooky style. Learn more here.

Shambhala at Home

Friday, Oct. 16 - 7 pm to 12 am

Destination BC - Salmo - British Columbia, Canada

Fridays are “Shambhala at Home” days! Shambhala is a music festival that's been around since 1998, with incredible line-ups each year. But since the pandemic, they have moved to a digital format of weekly musical performances. Check out more here.

Yoga + Coffee Live Stream

Saturday, Oct. 17 - 10 am to 11 am

Yoga + Beer - Salem, OR

We have covered this event a few times throughout the summer, but it has been a hectic few weeks and we could all use a little relaxation. This is a sixty-minute, “all levels flow” yoga stream, hosted by the online Yoga + Beer Community. The event is free but a donation of $5 is suggested for those looking to support the event and organizers. Additionally, you can find recordings of past streams on their Youtube page, which stretch back to March. So grab your yoga mat, a coffee (or beer, we won’t tell), and stream some low-stress yoga sessions.

Grey Falcon Heralds Spring: A Vocal Workshop with Svetlana Spajić

Saturday, Oct. 17 - 11 am to 12:30 pm

The Kitka Institute and Women’s Vocal Ensemble - Oakland, CA (Remote)

The Kitka Institute and Women’s Vocal Ensemble, a Californian musical group, in conjunction with the East European Folklife Center, is holding a vocal workshop with Serbian traditional singer and performance artist Svetlana Spajić. She will perform live from Belgrade, Serbia. The workshop will show the traditional singing style called “iz vika”, also known as clamor singing or shouting.

October Online Birding Classes - $5 to $15

Sunday, Oct. 18 - 5 pm to 6:30 pm

TreeSong Nature Awareness and Retreat Center - Washougal, WA

Birding is not for everyone. It can’t be denied though that there is certainly an art to it. Join Laura Whittemore and the TreeSong Nature Center for the third installment of their birding classes. This subject of the class: Pacific Northwest Woodpeckers. The majestic, humble, loud woodpecker. Nature’s drilling machines. Learn about the various species and their incredible talents. And loudness.


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