Oregon LGBTQ+ Pride Month 2020 Playlist

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Normally for Pride, Curbside would put together a playlist featuring local LGBTQ+ bands playing in Oregon this month. With COVID still keeping most shows from happening and large gatherings banned, we instead decided to create a playlist featuring some of Oregon's amazing LGBTQ+ musicians.

While this is not even close to all of Oregon's LGBTQ+ artists, this playlist covers some of the great local talent who call Oregon home. Each band is linked to their website or relevant music page beneath the playlist. (Please note some songs are explicit.)


Maarquii - C.A.B.O

Black Belt Eagle Scout - At The Party

Amenta Abioto - Wade

KayelaJ - I Could Love You

Frankie Simone - Queer

Y La Bamba - Los Gritos

Chanti Darling, Feat. The Last Artful, Dodgr - Casual

DoublePlusGood - Northern Lights

Jame Doe - Come Follow Me

Team Dresch - Growing Up in Springfield

Gaytheist - The Dark Deep

Frankie Simone, KayelaJ - Be Myself

Alien Boy - Only Posers Fall in Love

Layperson - The Divide

Notel - Sun Reservoir

Orkis - Casual


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Have a safe and happy Pride.

Playlist not loading? Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2pYdz13WxGiHACxUlnrUEt?si=OSdQFKmVR2WQdE48JNmg0g

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