Oregon Events Roundup - June 25, 2021

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Curbside Press prides itself on highlighting a diverse set of events, articles, art, and more. We focus very heavily on LGBTQ+ issues and have tried our best to uplift Black, brown, and people of color’s voices and art. With that, we also like to acknowledge when we find a blind spot. We recognized that we have not done our best at uplifting our Indigenous community members and we have not covered the Indigenous community and the boundless art that is created by Indigenous folx as much as we should be.

We always seek to improve and to lift up all disenfranchised voices as much as we can, and we will always be willing to call ourselves out when we feel like we just aren’t doing enough. We hope you’ll keep us honest in that regard, too, dear Curbsiders.

With that, it is National Indigenous History Month, a celebration of the history, heritage, and culture of the First Nations people. The Indigenous people of the Americas and around the world have been subjected to genocides, but the neglect and abuses are continuous and by no means just part of history. To this day, Indigenous people suffer from the decisions of major countries of the world, including in the United States, South America, Canada, Australia and more. We must stand with the Indigenous cultures who are still fighting every day for things as basic as clean water.


Land Back: Global Intersections & Solidarity

Friday, June 25 - 11 am

Decolonizing Practices - Online

Join Ta7taliya Michelle Nahnee, who will be joined by Mo Dhaliwal and Anita Lal from the Poetic Justice Foundation, for an hour-long interactive conversation. The event will cover “an overview of the Land Back movement and the possibilities within it, an overview of the Indian Farmers movement as well as discuss the caste system and Landless Dalits fighting for Land and rights in Punjab. [Lastly,] Explore the intersections of these movements and how they are all disrupting colonialism as it relates to Land and discuss what solidarity can look like between the movements.” That is a lot to cover and we are really looking forward to this conversation.


Won't You Be My Gaybor?

Saturday, June 25 - 9:30 am

Dallas, OR - Online

A little behind-the-scenes info: The owners of Curbside, Alaina and Troy, grew up in Dallas! Well, the City is hosting its very first LGBTQ+ Pride event. We know that this is just a virtual event, but it is a big step for a very Conservative city. There will be a fairly large amount of things happening and you can find the whole schedule here, but there will be mini photoshoots, a history lesson about pride, lots of food and more. We are going to have to check this event out.


Albany Pride 2021

Saturday, June 26 - 10 am to 1 pm

Linn County Courthouse - Albany, OR

With heat advisories for this weekend all around Oregon, the Albany pride event has moved up an hour for the safety of all attending. The event will be at the county courthouse, with the pride rally beginning at 10 am. The pride march will start at 11 am, and there will be a dance party later in the night and performances throughout the day. All and all this will be a day full of fun and you won’t want to miss it.


Indigenous Virtual Film Festival

Saturday, June 26 - 6 pm & Sunday at 10 pm

The Anahuac Program - Woodburn, OR - Online

The Anahuac Program and the TURNO of Capaces Leadership Institute is hosting a virtual film festival featuring Indigenous artists. This event is free and is an excellent opportunity to be exposed to the “reality of indigenous communities in Mexico from the comfort of your home.” We always love film festivals and there will be much to enjoy at this event.


Beaverton Pride Event

Sunday, June 27 - 11 am

12375 SW 5th St - Beaverton, OR

Join the wonderful people of Beaverton and retailer Meraki Pop for a Pride celebration. There will be plenty of vendors, a lot of food and drinks, and plenty of crafts and activities for you and the family to enjoy! Show your pride and enjoy a day out with your community. There will also be free mom hugs for those who need a bit of love from a parental-like figure. We aren’t all lucky enough to have parents who love us for who we truly are and the fact that allies step up to fill that void is incredible.


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