Music of Oregon: Alternative/Indie

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Before the pandemic hit, Curbside Press would make a playlist of the bands playing in Oregon over the month. Now that most live shows aren't happening, we decided to make a set of playlists of different genres of music made in Oregon. Our first playlist was rock, so we figured we would show off the softer side of Oregon's music scene.

This weekend's playlist: Alternative/Indie.

We here at Curbside recognize that each genre is sprawling and broad. These playlists will try to be a variety of styles along that wide spectrum, with the purpose of encompassing the Oregon music scene. Did we miss something? Let us know at our website here.




DoublePlusGood - Northern Lights

Portland-based indie dreampop

Cosmonautical - Quit Using Humanity as an Excuse

Central Oregon alternative rock

Postrich Bear - Sometimes I Feel Empty Inside

Salem-based indie folk

Wild Ire - Poetry & Puppetry

Salem-based prog pop

Boone Howard - Satan

Portland-based alternative rock

Daydream Machine - Coup De Grace

Portland-based psychedelic rock

Modern Kin - Abandon

Portland-based indie rock

Chance Wiesner - Ceiling Fan

Portland-based lo-fi singer-songwriter

Psychomagic - Tuesday Night Webcam Special

Portland-based indie synch

Spiller - Hey You

Eugene-based indie rock

Childspeak - Vampires at Sea

Eugene-based post-rock

Erin Westfall - Light

Salem-based alt-pop singer-songwriter

Friend of My Youth - Soft Sci-Fi

Corvallis-based indie rock

The Helio Sequence - Lately

Portland-based indie rock duo

Chromatic Colors - Expectations

Oregon-based psychedelic jazz

Aan - Daylight

Portland-based Psychedelic pop

The English Language - Soon It’ll Be Alright

Portland-based psychedelic punk rock

Ages and Ages - Day from Night

Portland-based indie pop

Bluphoria - Is It True?

Eugene-based psychedelic pop rock

Fog Father - Ghost Colors

Portland-based electronic rock

The Shivas - You Make Me Wanna Die

Portland-based alternative rock

The Color Study - Open the Windows

Portland-based alternative rock

Floating Room - Held Open Door

Portland-based indie rock

Lost Lander - Borderline

Portland-based indie rock

Ezra Bell - Don’t Just Sit Here and Drink Yourself to Death

Portland-based indie folk

Typhoon - Rorschach

Portland-based indie rock


Got a band you think needs to be added? Know of a local band that should be on this list? Send us a message with the details. Check out our Facebook page and Twitter feed to keep up with what is going on in your area.

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