March 2022 Event Roundup

Updated: Mar 12

It’s going to be a dancey month, as there are live DJs spinning beats all up and down the Willamette Valley. Plus, there are local live music showcases to check out in Salem, Corvallis and Portland.

Please remember to check the venue pages themselves for a breakdown of various COVID policies. We aren’t out of this pandemic yet, folks, and the only way we can return to normal is to party responsibly.

As always, we encourage you to share this article with our fellow Oregonians to help us shine a light on great local events. And we’ll be adding to this roundup as we catch wind of more events later in the month, so keep an eye out!

Have a safe and fun month, Curbsiders.


Glow: Science Fiction Cosplay Dance Party

Friday, March 4 - 8 pm

Cowfish Dance Club - 62 W Broadway - Eugene, OR

Anyone who’s spent any time partying around Eugene knows about the themed dance parties at Cowfish. The downtown venue always has some sort of activity, especially on the first Friday of every month. March has a sci-fi theme, encouraging everyone to go chrome and get their glow on. There’s a costume party, where you can enter for free at a chance at $100.


Just For the Record - $10

Friday, March 4 - 8 pm to 2 am

The Big Legrowlski - 812 NW Couch St. - Portland, OR

Fans of underground hip-hop and techno are in for a treat as this night of dance tracks brings people under one roof to enjoy some local DJs. The festivities kick off with supporting acts at 8 in the evening and then go until well after midnight.


Space Neighbors

Friday, March 4 - 9 pm

Bombs Away Cafe - 2527 NW Monroe Ave. - Corvallis, OR

Corvallis-based Space Neighbors say they play around with lots of different genres of music, bringing a high-energy live show that will definitely pop in the cozy confines of the Bombs Away Cafe. The event page doesn’t mention a cover charge, but the venue usually has one so bring a $5 or something just to be safe.


Wild Ire // Light Vessels - $13.20

Saturday, March 5 - 7 pm

Infinity Room - 210 Liberty St. - Salem, OR

The newly remodeled Infinity Room has been getting back to its usual status as a hip local performance hall for music, comedy and film. So what better way to welcome live music back to indoor venues than with rising progressive rock band Wild Ire? The group has a new bassist and has been perfecting the tunes released pre-pandemic. We’ve written a ton about Wild Ire in the past, so if you need to get educated, you can find several articles on our website.


Madam Golong and Thunder Snatch - $10

Saturday, March 5 - 8 pm

The Big Dirty - 844 Olive St. - Eugene, OR

It will be a night of locally produced and spun beats at The Big Dirty in Eugene. Not only do you get the two headlining acts listed above, you’ll also get several more opening acts that start at 9 p.m., so expect this show to go deep into the night. This venue is a cool place to take in some local music, as the walls are absolutely covered with paintings and other kinds of artwork from local artists.


Glass Animals - $40+

Tuesday, March 8 and Wednesday, March 9 - 8 pm

Keller Auditorium - 8 pm - 222 SW Clay St. - Portland, OR

While this event is supposedly already sold out, we couldn’t resist the urge to let you know about it just the same. Plus, you might be able to grab some tickets at the door or from someone who can no longer go. Not to mention, London-based rock band Glass Animals have been on the rise lately, with a new album (from 2020) to celebrate as they take their talents to the Keller Auditorium and we all finally get back to in-person tours.


Devil Asylum // Beautiful Skeletons // Sasquatch Boom (21+) - $10

Friday, March 11 - Doors Open at 8 pm

EastSide Bar and Grill - 2540 NE 82nd Ave. - Portland, OR

Head down to EastSide Bar and Grill for a night of metal and celebration. The event is a birthday celebration show for the guitarist of Devil Asylum, Brent Smith. Devil Asylum is a Vancouver-based metal band, and though there is not much online about the group, from a video on their Facebook, we can tell it is punchy and worth checking out. Beautiful Skeletons, a four-piece metal band from Washington is ethereal metal that really caught our attention. Their bio describes them as “Dark, heavy, [and] Melodic,” which sums up the band’s sound perfectly. Sasquatch Boom, another Vancouver-based metal band, describes themselves as southern rock metal. You can check the group’s music here, and they are a jam. They are a bit more screamo style than most of the other metal bands on this lineup, but that doesn’t mean the music has any less of an authentic and classic metal feel.


Cruzin’ in the Pines

Saturday, March 12 - 4 pm to 11pm

Cruzroom Annex - 2314 NE Alberta St. - Portland, OR

Hosted by Shady Pines Radio, “Cruzin’ in the Pines” has an exciting roundup of DJs and performers that will be providing a solid seven hours of music. There will be food, you can bring your dogs, and you can even bring kids until 7 pm. Some of the performers include Johnny Raincloud, Presidio, The Tree People, Igor Brezhnev, and more. The DJs will be Jahkey B, Rock Stone, and Mr. Tomorrow. You will need to bring proof of vaccination or you can provide a negative test. If for some reason you can’t make it to the show, don’t fret! You can check out the live broadcast on Shady Pines Radio.


Midnight Metal Madness: Pitch Black Mass // Alamance // Password: Firebird // Innocence Torn

Saturday, March 12 - Doors open at 6 pm

The Hippie Museum - 535 main St. - Springfield, OR

If you are looking for a metal show this month, this event at the Hippie Museum should have what you are looking for. This four-band lineup is sure to get you headbanging. There is not a lot of information on Pitch Black Mass, but from what we have heard, they sound like classic heavy metal. Alamance, a Eugene-based band, describes themselves as “a new take on alternative/rock/metal genres with a softer electronic atmosphere.” The group has quite a unique sound, and you can check out more here to get a feel for their style. Password: Firebird is a self-described alternative psychedelic rock band from Eugene. Their sound is heavy, and it has an interesting composition that keeps you listening. You can check out the band’s music on their website. We advise you to check out the band’s song “Call Waiting”. Lastly, Innocence Torn doesn’t seem to have an internet presence, so we are not sure what you will get with this group. Let us know if you know where to find them on social media. If you get some video or audio of their set, send it to us so we can check them out.


Swiss Army Wife // Onion Machine

Saturday, March 12 - 7 pm to 10 pm

Old World Deli - 341 SW 2nd St., Ste 4 - Corvallis, OR

Head down to the Old World Deli in downtown Corvallis for some great food and great music. Swiss Army Wife, an alternative “midwest emo” punk band out of Portland (their Bandcamp says Salem, other social media says Portland), describes their group as a “buncha sad bois making rad tunes”. The band’s punchy alt-emo punk rock sound throws us back to the early 2000s and we are loving it. Onion Machine, a Corvallis-based band, has a folky punk sound that has our legs moving and we want to hear more! We couldn’t find a lot about the band, but this video of their song “Wolves in the Bedroom” live at DeMaggio’s is a good showcase of their talent. They are described by one of the band members, Alec, saying, “Imagine if Kurt Cobain gave up on music and went into onion farming. After a while though he gave up on that too and went back into music. We’re like the post-farm days Cobain.” If you get any video content from this show, we would love to hear more from both of these groups. This is a free, all-ages show.


Fruit Bats // VETIVER - $25+

Thursday, March 17 - 8 pm

McMenamins Crystal Ballroom - 1332 W Burnside St. - Portland, OR

Fruit Bats has steadily climbed the indie rock charts for years and the group founded by creative force Eric D. Johnson is finally headlining local shows like this one. The Crystal Ballroom is one of Portland’s best local venues, offering both standing-room-only pit tickets and balcony seating areas. You’ll definitely want to scoop some tickets up quickly if you want to go, because things are selling out ridiculously quickly as society comes out of COVID-induced hibernation.


Sean Daly & The Shams

Thursday, March 17 - 9 pm to 11 pm

Whelan’s Irish Pub - 11709 SE Division St. - Portland, OR

We don’t often get to cover authentic Irish music, so we are excited to bring this event to your attention. Sean Daly & The Shams, a Portland-based band, will be at Whelan’s Irish Pub. The band’s frontman, Sean Daly, hails from Donegal, Ireland. Their music is fantastic Irish folk-rock that reminds us of other Irish greats, but they bring their own take on that classic Irish folk sound. Check out their Soundcloud here, but you should go to this show.


Kristen Grainger & True North - $21+

Saturday, March 19 - Doors Open at 7 pm

Reedwood Friends Church - 2901 SE Steele St. - Portland, OR

Kristen Grainger & True North are a folk-bluegrass band that has an impressive folk sound. The quartet is quintessential bluegrass and they are led by award-winning songwriter Kristen Grainger and her husband Dan Wetzel. If you want to check out some of the group’s music, you can see their videos on their website. Be sure to check out “Keep The River On Your Right”. You will need to provide proof of vaccination and a valid ID.


Congo Shanty (21+) - $25+

Sunday, March 20 - 7 pm to 3 am

Original Intelligence Medicine Church - 1510 NE 37th Ave. - Portland, OR

Illuminati Congo and Young Shanty are releasing a new album, CONGO SHANTY. Illuminati Congo is a Chicago-based “Rasta hip hop” artist, and Young Shanty is a Californian artist and co-founder of Chalice Row Records, who produced the new album. The album, which can be heard on Spotify here, is everything we want in reggae hip hop. Both artists are incredibly talented, and the composition of this album is fantastic. The show will feature Illuminati Congo & Young Shanty, and is supported by Dubndope, Bloodshot Riddims, special guest Ras Ceylon, and DJs Selectress Margo and D-Rock. There will also be a smoke session, so do with that information what you will.


Cody Weathers and the Men Your Mama Warned You About // Vonnie Kyle // Amy Bleu (21+) - $10

Wednesday, March 23 - 9 pm

Kelly’s OIympian - 426 SW Washington St. - Portland, OR

We love Kelly’s Olympian. The bar and venue always has quality shows, and we have covered their events extensively. If you are looking for a folk show to check out later this month, head over to Kelly’s to see these three performances. Cody Weathers and the Men Your Mama Warned You About (yes that is the band’s real name), is a Portland-based group that according to them is the “preeminent bluesy-jazzy scat-rock power trio”. Vonnie Kyle, a Portland-based pop-rock musician, will also be playing. Curbside covered her music video “Imperfect Parts” in our