Make Earth Your Habit

Interview with Kayla Christine, owner of new Oregon business Earth Habit

By Gage Martin June 1st, 2017

What type of products do you make? Do you make all of it?

I make essential oils blends, candles, beard oil, ointments, sachets, macrame and more. Yes, all are made by me. I make them in small batches, taking my time with each. The only thing that wasn't made by me were my graphics/labels. Those were custom designed by Rachel at - and they turned out PERFECT. In the future though I will be making apparel, stickers, patches, pins, tattoo aftercare, tea blends and more.

You launched today (June 1st) correct? How successful has the launch been?

Yes today, and SO well! Within two hours I surpassed my soft opening revenue. I have sold out of multiple products and have sold to multiple countries. Most people are buying more than one item as well.

Woah, you sold to foreign countries on your first day? Where?

The UK, Canada, Egypt, South Africa, Australia, Norway, Finland, Italy, Mexico, Sweden, Turkey

How are you handling the shipping and export costs? Do you just include that in the price of the item for foreign customers?

Yes I have presets and calculated shipping costs that are added to each transaction for me. I therefore just print a label, pay online and drop off the packages at the post office and off they go!

I sometimes will offer free shipping promotions to push an item but shipping in the States is rather cheap.

What was your motivation for creating Earth Habit?

I had always wanted to share with others the things that have helped me heal or relax so I began mixing, learning and crafting things a year ago just to see if I could do it. Over the past several months I've perfected recipes and tried and failed many things.

My ultimate message behind this shop is for others to "Make Earth their habit" by exploring alternative medicine, their mind, nature and self care. All four of those things saved me and have helped me overcome the physical and mental struggles of Crohn's disease.

I don't want people to give up, I want them to see an ordinary person like me do something wild so that they may do it too! We're a family, my tribe, I just wanna bring people up.

Are any of your products environmentally friendly and/or organic?


My moon blend is 100% organic. I'm researching companies to head that way in being 100% organic. I currently use all natural fragrances and colorants. I don't use any processed chemicals whatsoever.

I have a wide variety of essentials oils 90% organic but some aren't. 90% of my products are also vegan, but Garden Hands has beeswax which is not considered vegan to all vegans.

How long does it take to make, lets say, the Garden Hands product?

That one takes about 24 hours total. It has to be cooked, mixed, poured, then cooled. My hands are only required for about 45 minutes. The rest is up to time.

Candles take about the same amount of time with tedious details with adding herbs, glitter, color and wicks.

The oils each take about an hour for a batch of 12. I make each vial individually rather than a tub of it.

Is there a reason for doing the vials individually?

I find it relaxing more than anything. It feels more mindful and custom. Eventually I may have to change my ways due to increased sales but for now I like playing small batch mixologist.

What is one of your goals for the first year of Earth Habit?

I'd like it to become my full time job. It allows me to work from home no matter my state of health. It's the most sustainable type of work given my circumstances so my short term goal is to be able to live off of Earth Habit alone. But a year from now I'd like my products to be in local stores or have my own storefront and offer and wider variety of goods.

You can learn more about Earth Habit at or at the facebook page

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