LGBTQ+ Founders Panel

Curbside Press had the opportunity to speak at Portland Area Business Association and The Riveter's LGBTQ+ Founders Panel on Tuesday, August 27th.

Photo provided by The Riveter

Alaina Martin, our Co-founder and President of Operations was invited to speak alongside six other LGBTQ+ Business Founders from a variety of backgrounds. The Panel was moderated by Jax Wheatley, CPA at Rainbow Tax and Accounting, and PABA's President.

Photo by Elizabeth Martin

These talented panelists were Rhodes Perry, CEO of Rhodes Perry Consulting and Creator of The Out Entrepreneur Podcast; Michael Jonas, Firm Owner and Principal Attorney at Rational Unicorn Legal Services; Tracy Nguyen-Chung, Founder and Creative Director at After Bruce Marketing Agency; Matthew Perra, Founder of At First Sight Home Remodeling; and Debra Porta, the Executive Director of Pride NorthWest.

Photo by Stephanie Guenther. From left to right: Tracy Nguyen-Chung, Michael Jonas, Jax Wheatley, Rhodes Perry, Alaina Martin, Debra Porta, and Matthew Perra.

Each panelist explained their business, a bit about their stories, and what prompted them to become entrepreneurs. They talked about their struggles and successes as business founders, and how their intersecting identities and journeys as members of the LGBTQ+ community have impacted their experiences as entrepreneurs.

It was a heartwarming and deeply inspiring event. Seeing the thriving businesses each of these incredible people had built, and each one sharing their beautiful stories, was a reminder of how important visibility in disenfranchised and underrepresented communities is. Each panelist gave advice on how to create a more inclusive workplace, and answered questions from the crowd about how to navigate one's identity as an LGBTQ+ business owner.

This event was something special, and another example of how important it is to tell these stories. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for these fantastic entrepreneurs and their unique, exciting businesses!

Photo by Curbside Staff


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