Fall 2021 Music Releases

Updated: Feb 26

As the days get shorter and winter draws nearer, this collection of hot new music released this fall by Oregon artists will help keep the chill away. There are some familiar artists on the list, but we have quite a few new bands we haven’t covered before for you to discover along with us. New music from Wynne, Justice Gbada, Plastic Cactus, Age of Majority and so much more! Please note, this playlist has explicit music in it.

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“Naito” - Justice Gbada

Released: Nov. 12, 2021

This is such a great song to start this list off with. Portland-based rapper Justice Gbada is a skilled artist and we are always so excited when we see he has released new music. “Naito '' starts off with a voice track of the late Bernie Mac from the movie “Head of State,” where Mac and the interviewer go back and forth over a mix-up about NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and some guy named Nato Jenkins. It is funny but also leads well into the track as Gbada’s voice plays over as the transition into the beat. The flow of this song is remarkable, and his pacing is second-to-none in the Portland Scene. Watching his work progress has been quite exciting. He has released a lot of music this year: a May album called Romantic Thug, a collaboration with Christine Nguyen on “MOTHERLAND” in June, a 3-track EP called 444 EP in September (which could have a whole separate writeup for how good it is), a remaster of his 2019 album Waterbwoy, and now “Naito”. This stream of excellent hip-hop is one we hope doesn’t stop!


"Shimanchu" - Floating Room

Album: Shima

Released: Nov. 12, 2021

Notable Mention: “Firetruck”

This is such a fun video from Floating Room. “Shimanchu” is off of Shima, the newest album from Portland-based singer-songwriter Maya Stoner. Fun fact, the album had help from another band on this playlist, Mo Troper. A summary of the album and the band on her Bandcamp explains, “Led by multidisciplinary Uchinanchu American artist and DIY veteran Maya Stoner, Floating Room has featured a revolving cast of musicians since its inception ... Shima arrives on the heels of last year’s Tired and True EP, which saw Stoner experiment with symphonic instrumentation and lush, soft-rock textures. Shima, by contrast, is a rollicking punk record that whips by at warp speed, highlighting Stoner’s emo and riot grrrl roots; it’s Tired and True’s photo negative.” The music video for “Shimanchu” is quite an experience, looking like a Dance Dance Revolution game with Stoner superimposed on top. It is really fun.


“CARROT CAKE” - Wynne Feat. Christo


Released: Nov. 11, 2021

Notable Mention: “DEMON”

We simply can’t get enough of Wynne. The Portland-based rapper keeps busting out such high-quality material, and this six-track EP is proof of how talented she is. “CARROT CAKE” is fire, and when we say that, we mean she literally set herself on fire for the music video. In the description of the video it says, “There were no special effects used in the making of this video” which means she truly is on fire during this remarkable display. The video for this song was released back on October 13, just a little under a month before the new album dropped. It truly is an impressive rap song off an equally impressive album. The video just makes it that much better.