End of July Roundup - July 22 to 31, 2021

Curbside Press is trying out a new multi-week format for our events roundups over the next few months. To hold you over until then, we are rounding up a bunch of events that should keep you busy until the end of July. With that said, we always appreciate our audience’s feedback and Curbside would love to know what you think of our new multi-week format and our roundups in general. Feel free to email us or contact us through our website or our social media accounts!

Additionally, we would be remiss to not mention the rising surge in Covid cases in all states that are currently happening and reportedly linked to the Delta variant. Curbside Press is dedicated to providing our audience with events that are taking the proper safety precautions, but as restrictions are being lifted, fewer and fewer businesses and event postings are explaining their protocols. As such, please be responsible and protect yourself as best as you can. The best way we currently have to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and those around us is to get vaccinated.

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21st Annual Fairy & Human Relations Congress - Tickets Available

Thursday, July 22 through July 26 (Times Vary)

Salem, OR

Before you start to roll your eyes, reflect on beliefs you hold that others might scoff at or believe are silly or wrong and maybe stop yourself from judging others the same way. We believe cultural, spiritual, and political events are often some of the best ways we highlight our artistic talents. The Fairy & Human Relation Congress was started in the 50’s in England by a person named Daphne Charters. The Salem chapter of the congress is located just 20 minutes outside of Salem somewhere in the woods (you get the exact location when you register). The event is meant to promote “communication and co-creation with nature spirits, fairies, Devas (Sanskrit word meaning Being of Light) and Sidhe (Irish fae).” The presenters will include flower essence specialists, animal and plant communicators, shamanic practitioners and herbalists, fairy seers, Native American storytellers, and much more. If you want to learn more about the Fairy Congress, they have a convenient 30-minute documentary that you can watch here. Full disclosure, we didn't watch a 30 minute documentary for this article. Below is a brief video (that we did watch) that the group has available on youtube and their website:


Unplugged Summer Music Series - Jet Black Pearl

Thursday, July 22 & 29 - 5 pm

Bridgeport Village - 7455 SW Bridgeport Rd - Tigard, OR

The event post shares a little bit about who Jetty Black Pearl is and it is worth sharing. The post explains, “Jetty Black Pearl is a fabulous accordion diva from the port of Amsterdam who stumbled upon a fancy accordion 25 years ago in the back of a thrift store in Prague.” It continues, saying that after she smuggled it back home to the Netherlands, she learned how to play and has since played around the world. She lived in France for many years before coming to Portland, Oregon. We here at Curbside Press are fans of anyone who can play the accordion, so we're personally here for it.


Nightlife on Mars on Zoom - Free

Thursday, July 22 & 29 - 7 pm to 8 pm


We don’t cover as much stand-up as we should, so with that in mind, we are happy to bring you a live comedy event you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. For the last 11ish years, Nightlife on Mars has been producing stand-up shows in San Francisco. Now back with a new name, Best Underground Comedy Show by San Francisco Magazine is online and available to all! And yes, we know that San Francisco is not in Oregon, but online events have no borders and we love supporting the West Coast in all of its artistic glory. The comedians include Dhaya Lakshminarayanan, Julie Ash, DJ Real, Joseph Nguyen, Natasha Muse, and more.


Revival - Queer Dance Party - $10

Saturday, July 24 - 9 pm to 2 am

Local Lounge - 3536 NE M L King Blvd - Portland, OR

If you have never been to an LGBTQ+ dance party you are missing out. Come experience the love and joy of the queer community with Local Lounge’s revival of their queer dance parties. The event is hosted by Cody James, and the music will be provided by DJs from Circuit Breaker, another nightclub in Portland. The lineup includes ORSO, DJ DONT, THE PREY, and a newcomer to the group of DJs, OTHRWRLD. We’re not quite sure why every DJ seems to have caps lock stuck on, but the event should be fun no matter how they capitalize their stage name. The event does explain that, due to local ordinances, you will need to be fully vaccinated or be required to wear a mask.


Portland Indigenous Marketplace

Saturday, July 24 & 31 - 10 am to 4 pm

432 NE 74th Ave. - Portland - OR

There are still two days this month that you can enjoy the Portland Indigenous Marketplace. If you have not heard of the event, the marketplace is an in-person market in Portland which hosts indigenous vendors to give a space to sell their wares “at an affordable and culturally respectful” event. This is a great way to show your local indigenous creators how much their art and products matter to our communities and Oregon as a whole. After needing to switch to an online format for months, we are excited that the market is back in person.


Rooftop Roller Disco

Saturday, July 24 - 6:30 pm to 9:45 pm

Lloyd Center - 2201 Lloyd Ctr - Portland, OR

Apparently, you can get on the roof of the Lloyd Center. Not only that, but you can even rollerskate your night away on the roof of the Lloyd Center with the Rose City Rollers and DJ Maaxa. You can rent skates with SKATEMOBILE, get your drink on with Haute Dawg and RCR’s Plowstop Bar, and even get a free CBD seltzer just for showing up. One dollar of every ticket sold will be donated to Pride Northwest in support of the group’s Never Look Away project. Curbside Press supports Pride Northwest, and we are happy to see others supporting the nonprofit as well.


Rhythm Nation Medicare for All Party - $15 (Presale)

Saturday, July 24 - 8 pm to 1:30 am

Produce Row Cafe - 204 SE Oak St. - Portland, OR

Rhythm Nation and the Oregon Action Network are throwing a bit of a wild concept of a party. First, there will be an interactive discussion with Travis Nelson, Vice President of the Oregon Nurses Association and member of the DSA and the DNC, about what the future of Medicare for All is. After that, there will be time for “direct action” which it seems they will have people call legislators. At 9 pm, the dance party starts and runs until 12 am. There will be a few DJs including DJ Sappho, Deena Bee, Lincoln Up, and Peter Marks.


Deep Dark Yoga

Sunday, July 25 - 2:30 pm


We are not sure how much longer Deep Dark Yoga will be running but we have been covering the sessions for a while and hope you get a chance to check it out yourself. If you like doom metal and need to stretch, this is the perfect event. This livestream yoga class instructs all levels of participants in basic yoga, all while doomy metal plays in the background. Don’t worry, it’s not like it’s all blast beats and growling, but the music offers something new for those who like a little bit of background doom and gloom in their Sunday. This recurring yoga course is free, though donations to the studio are encouraged and waiting lines tend to form to get into the Zoom chat.


Sober Pride Part 2

Sunday, July 25 - 5 pm

Local Lounge - 3536 M L King Blvd. - Portland, OR

Look, there are so many great things about Pride, but there are very few sober events for the LGBTQ+ community during Pride and, frankly, year-round. If you are looking for an alcohol-free event, head down to Local Lounge on MLK Boulevard for a dry night of fun. We hope to see a wider variety of inclusive events in the PNW like this.


Drag Queen Bingo

Sunday, July 25 - 6 pm to 9 pm

Jasper’s Tavern - 416 Main St. - Springfield, OR

Join the legendary Miss Trai La Trash and Jasper’s Tavern for a free night of Bingo! Ms. Trash will be hosting the evening, and really what more do you need to be convinced to go down to Springfield and enjoy a fantastic night of one of the best games ever created? Randomized chaos leading to an inevitable winner of minor prizes is the peak of human ingenuity and is only made better by drag queens.


TÜRK MALI at Mad Hanna (21+)

Tuesday, July 27 - 8 pm to 11:30 pm

Mad Hanna - 6129 NE Fremont St. - Portland, OR

Mad Hanna presents TÜRK MALI, an all-vinyl DJ night of “Turkish rock, pop, psych, funk and folk”. There really isn’t any other information about the event but if you like Turkish music, or you just want to experience some new music, head down to Mad Hanna.


Last Thursdays On Alberta

Thursday, July 29 - 6 pm to 9 pm

NE Alberta St. - Portland, OR

Every last Thursday of the month for the last 24ish years, “Last Thursdays On Alberta” has been a people-powered event that is one of a kind. Unlike most vendor events, Last Thursdays On Alberta is free for artists and performers to participate. The event is a bit scaled-back with limited vendor spaces and the street will not be closed during the Summer months. There will be live music and events for kids. You need to check out Alberta Street’s long-running artist-run event if you haven’t already. Fun Fact: Many years ago, our Co-Founder Alaina Martin helped run a booth for a local group of creators (her mom and mom’s best friend) called Hag-Rags during one of the “Last Thursdays On Alberta.” It was a blast.


Pagan Jug Band (21+)

Friday, July 30 - 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Rosebud Cafe - 50316 Columbia River Hwy - Scappoose, OR

Honestly, there is not a lot of information on this event, but the name alone has piqued our interest. As a Pagan and a jug enthusiast, our Co-Founder Alaina insisted that we add this to the roundup. The livestream will be available through the Rosebud Cafe Facebook page so you can enjoy the jug anywhere. Also, shout out to Scappoose. We don't cover you often but you are worthy of attention and we love you.


The Social Stomach & Nuisa