Beautiful Oregon: Part 3

We may be celebrating the start of spring in Oregon, but we're taking this chance to look back on a truly incredible winter. As part of our Beautiful Oregon photography series, we brought you stunning images from summer and fall in Oregon last year. We wanted to give you all some time to recover from the winter storm back in February, so we're tackling our winter edition a bit later. That also gave us some time to gather submissions from readers like you.

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The snow on Mt. Hood was nearly covering the embankment on the Mirror Lake trail in December. (Photo by Curbside Press)


The slanted trees along that trail provide some trippy, distorted eyelines. (Photo by Curbside Press)


Shots like these are exactly what you're looking for when taking winter photos: little Christmas trees laden with snow.


This was a familiar sight for Oregonians all over the state following the February 2021 storm, as ice and heavy winds toppled many neighborhood trees. (Photo by Kirsten Reimer)


Even car doors were frozen shut with ice. (Photo by Erin Gore)


It's not all devastation, of course. Some shots demonstrated just how pretty the light can be amplified by the ice on the roads and trees. (Photo by Erin Gore)


No, that's not a ripple effect of the glass, that's a sheet of ice. It makes this normally transparent pane of glass appear opaque. (Photo by Andrew Thornton)


As we look ahead to spring, we'll end with some warmer weather shots, like these of the Siuslaw Estuary in Florence. (Photo by Thomas Shinn)


It's interesting how much different a shot in the same location can be depending on time of day and angle of the sun. Here's that same estuary, though with decidedly warmer colors. (Photo by Thomas Shinn)

Thanks for taking a look at our Beautiful Oregon series. You can check out the other installments here and here. If you liked what you saw, help others see it by sharing it with all the art-lovers in your life.

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