Beautiful Oregon: Part 1

As the year begins to wind down, we're taking a look back on these scenic images taken from hikes all over Oregon. There’s plenty of eye candy here and we’ve got even more to roll out in the coming weeks. Whenever you’re done staring, consider sending your own nature photography along for us to highlight in an upcoming article. It’s that easy to get featured on Curbside Press!

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A giant Oak tree in a field near Joryville Park in Salem.
A sunset view of Elk Lake in Deschutes County, facing Mt. Bachelor.
A view of The South Sister from the Dee Wright Observatory.
A view of the headwaters from the top of the Cascade Head Conservancy Trail.
A makeshift driftwood structure found along Hobbit Beach north of Florence.
Old mining equipment found along the Opal Creek Trail near Lyons.


A top view of Opal Creek Falls.


A close-up of an oak along the Harvey Creek Trail in Dundee.

Smaller trees have grown around the trunk of this larger one near Harvey Creek, appearing like thick vines in a deciduous forest.
Oregon's mossy trees also make good growing grounds for licorice fern sprouts.

The sodden ground and mossy branches along the Canemah Bluff Trail in Oregon City.

An old lava flow path leading to Canemah Bluff.

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