Artist Highlight: Tammy Black-Day

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Curbside Press absolutely loves when local artists reach out to us with their art, and a recent call for submissions on our social media pages introduced us to the work of Oregon photographer Tammy Black-Day.

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Note: All images contained in this article are the sole work and property of the photographer. All but one of them were shot right here in Oregon. The resolution of these images may be affected by web upload.


At 47 years old, Black-Day has been snapping photographs since she was 12. First starting with a Kodak 110 camera that used old cartridge film, she now shoots on a Canon Rebel 3Ti. While she shoots digital, she focuses on doing all her lighting, framing and colors with her camera and not through computer software.

Black-Day described how the subjects of her photography changed throughout different phases of her life. In her early years growing up in Idaho she said: “I loved taking photos of sunsets. It was the only beauty I saw in my life during a time in which poverty and abuse were at their height in my family of origin. I still have one of the first sunset photos I took … Photos soon became the manner in which I was able to ‘prove’ I wasn’t imagining the abuse and poverty.”

As she grew up and had children, Black-Day said that her photography shifted to her family. But the cost to shoot and develop film throughout the 1990's -- and the cost of prioritizing childcare -- would limit her ability to capture as much as she wanted or get access to better equipment and photography courses.

Now, much of her art is focused on nature and travel. She has been hiking regularly for six years but said she used to hate doing so. Health concerns forced her to find a way of exercising regularly and now she says it “provides me (the) opportunity to take photos of our beautiful state.”

Black-Day’s photography has been published in the Polk County Itemizer-Observer and The Statesman Journal, and she has been highlighted in photo contests for magazines and newspapers, as well. Her dream is to someday have her work published in National Geographic.


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