Artist Highlight: Odessa Ford

Odessa Ford has been an artist all her life, but she’d never done beach art before she packed up everything she owned and moved to Oregon to pursue this new medium. She says sand art, which is washed away by the tide without fail, sparked a passion inside her.

Over the past few years, the Eugene-based artist has honed her craft and is now starting to turn her passion into a business. We sat down with Ford for an interview about why she was drawn to this impermanent art form and how she’s developed her own style. In a few short years, she’s worked with many Oregonians on art for engagement announcements, wedding photos, cultural movements and more. She’s earned herself a feature in the Llano Earth Art Festival, which showcases 150 artists from around the world who use the Earth as their canvas.

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More artwork by Odessa Ford:

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