Artist Highlight: Oscar Hukari

Oscar Hukari (1877-1962) was an impressionist artist who spent most of his artistic time painting beautiful scenes of Oregon landscapes.

There is not much information available on Hukari, According to online records, He was born in September of 1877 (though many auction house sources say he was born 1878) in Toholampi, Finland. He eventually arrived in Oregon and lived here much of his life until he died in Hood River at the age of 84.

During his life in the Pacific Northwest, he painted landscapes of the area, such as Pirate Cove in Depoe Bay, the Wallowa Mountains, Mt. Hood, and much more. His impressionist paintings were usually done with oil, and his style exceptionally expresses the wonders that Oregon has to offer. Hukari's art truly captured Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest, in all of its depth and beauty.

The painting shown is called "An Autumn Glow" which Hukari painted in 1938, and is a depiction of Hood River.

In the painting his use of oil gives a depth both artistically, and literally, as the oil has to be layered differently for trees, water, mountains, to add depth and texture to the painting. The few leaves remaining on the tops of the trees in the foreground are particularly "chunky" giving a raised texture. But there is a softness in them that does provide that autumnal glow.

This isn't a bright work, per se, but he marries warm and cool colors together in a way that seems natural. His use of orange and yellows clearly indicates it is autumn, which adds to the warmth that the painting offers.

"An Autumn Glow" is one of my favorite paintings in my collection, and one that shows the Pacific Northwest in a way that reminds me to appreciate the immense beauty Oregon has always provided.


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