THE PUMPS at The Space

Updated: May 28, 2019

THE PUMPS with guitarist Shawn Thornhill

Interview by Gage Martin

April 29th, 2017 - Salem, OR

Provided by Shawn Thornhill

Who are all of the members of the band?

We've got Sean McLeod who sings and plays guitar, Daniel Reisner plays drums - we call him “Caveman Dan” - Robert Keith on bass, Shawn, me, on guitar, and that's it. Tonight we had a friend play with us, Spencer Hormann. He played another guitar and also sang a little bit..

So you're the Guitarist, but tonight you also sang.

That's correct. I did almost all of the Songs for the Deaf (Queens of the Stone Age’s 2002 album) songs that we did: “Mosquito Song,” “Hanging Tree,” and “Go With Flow.”

What influenced you guys to do a QOTSA Set?

It's a band that, as Sean McLeod puts it, it's a band “we all agree on.” Every single one of us loves that band and it just seemed right - a big influence on us for our original stuff.

So how long have you been playing music?

I got a guitar when I was 10.

Would you say that music is more of a hobby or a full blown passion for you?

*Laughing* Number two.

Now, you went to school at…

Western [Western Oregon University]

What did you go to school for?

For music. I majored in jazz guitar.

Would you say that jazz has heavily influenced your career in terms of the music you like to play?

Yeah, and it has definitely influenced the way I play. So, like the things I come up with are a lot more, I don't know - they're just kind of jazzy. It just opened my eyes to a lot more ways of playing and a lot of ways to create a melody.

What would you say some of your big musical influences are? I take a lot of influence from my professors from college. But I wouldn't be playing guitar at all if I hadn't listened to AC/DC when I was young. Kurt Cobain shaped what I think about playing aggressively. [But] It's hard to list everything that made a difference.

The Pumps are working on recording about six or seven new original tracks and are aiming for a full-length album. Watch the videos below for a taste of the live show at The Space. Also check out the lineup for Make Music Day in Salem on June 21 to see if they’re playing. You can also find more from The Pumps on their Facebook Page .

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