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Curbside Press is looking for content submissions for the official website to launch this summer (hopefully). What we are looking for: - Art of all kinds (drawn, written, photo, video, music, digital media, to name just a few!) - Journalistic Reports: These are in-depth articles about works and artists you've encountered (see above for ideas on what you could write about.) That means stories with interviews AND photos, plus any other media that you feel should accompany the writing. These are not just personal feelings about a concert you attended or a museum exhibit. We love that you wanna write that, but we need articles that are more journalistic. We wanna showcase art and report about it too! - Multimedia submissions: These are fairly encompassed by the above but we want to point out other areas that you can accomplish a successful submission. Going on a hike? Take some video and edit it into a documentary. You can include voice over narration with facts or text over the image to spice up the reporting. These can also be interviews in video, audio, or some other form! Guidelines: - Aside from what has already been outlined, all submissions will be subject to review and/or editing. We are not out to be picky jerks with your art. It's personal, and you worked hard. We get it. But that doesn't mean we will automatically post all submissions. If we see an area where there is room for improvement, we'll point that out. The whole spirit of Curbside is art through collaboration. We want to get great art and show it to everyone, but also make good art GREAT! - Only submit your own work! We do not have the time or resources to track down permission from everyone that sends in the work of a family member or friend. Even if you got their approval before sending, we CANNOT risk shoving someone into the spotlight that doesn't want it. Have them send it to us directly. - All submissions must contain a full biography of you and your art. This includes: Full name, age, place of residence, place of birth, inspirations, title of the work, medium, and any applicable source material (especially for articles!) Any submissions that fail to provide this info cannot be posted. We hope to have enough content by the end of June to launch our FULL WEBSITE. But that depends on how much you guys help us out with sending in great things to put on it. This will provide you with all kinds of exposure for your passion projects or your business. Feel free to reach out with any questions and, as always, keep on creating! 

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