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The idea for Curbside Press came from one of those long conversations that runs deep into the night. The kind that leaves you awake, jittery with excitement and purpose. The idea of our business started with high school meetings in the back of a Volvo and a lot of support from friends and loved ones. 

With a mutual love of art, we wanted to make a company that highlights the many amazing artists Oregon has to offer. We realized that, with traditional local news outlets stretched thin, and with few options to hear about anything happening outside of Portland, most people have no way of knowing about the creative things happening in their own back yards.

Our kind of local journalism explores how we express ourselves. We believe that everyone has an art form. It may be painting, photography, music, literature, pottery, or everything outside and in-between -- that's what Curbside seeks to shine a light on. We focus on stories about how art brings communities together and welcomes the things that make us weird and interesting.That's how passion turns into art and art turns into progress.


We need your help to do that! Connect with us and share your art, or the art of other cool people in your communities. 


We Are Curbside Press. Let's create together.


Alaina Martin

Alaina has had a passion for the arts since she was little. After High school, she attended Chemeketa Community College where she studied Journalism. She was the Membership & Communications Manager for the Dallas Area Chamber of Commerce and is now a Web Designer & Stay at Home 


Troy Shinn

Troy received his bachelor's degree in journalism from The University of Oregon and has years of experience producing local news. He has produced content for print publications and online media, and has also produced documentaries.

He's a huge nerd who loves film, music & comics.

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